Polybutylene Pipe Replacement in Atlanta, Georgia

From 1978 to 1995, polybutylene was the preferred piping material for builders across the country. It was cheap, easy to install, and was proclaimed to be the future of piping. The problem with polybutylene is that it tends to fail suddenly, spectacularly, and completely without warning. Polybutylene pipes are typically gray in color, and you should be able to see them near your water heater and leading to your sinks and toilets.

If your home is more than 10 years old and you have polybutylene pipes, call Nick-Plumbing Inc. right away! Every day you wait to get polybutylene pipe replacement significantly adds to your risk of pipe failure!
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Why You Need Polybutylene Replacement

Polybutylene is a cheap, easy to install plastic resin that, unfortunately, was too good to be true. What happens is the chemicals added to water to fight bacteria, specifically chlorine, also attack sensitive parts of the poly pipe and fittings. Ultimately, this leads to cracking and total failure of the pipes. If you’ve had polybutylene pipes for more than 10 years and they’ve been fine, don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll last forever. This is not true! Every day you don’t have polybutylene replacement, you significantly increase your risk of catastrophic pipe failure. Some of the risks associated with polybutylene pipes include:
Mold infestation from undetected leaks
Increased insurance premiums or cancelled insurance coverage

Moreover, many mortgage lenders have been refusing to lend for properties with polybutylene pipes, specifically because these risks are so prevalent. If you’ve got polybutylene pipes in your home and you are planning to sell, you could have some trouble! Normally, real estate agents leave it up to buyers and sellers to negotiate the terms of the replacement.

Schedule Polybutylene Pipe Replacement in the Atlanta, Georgia

Polybutylene piping replacement can be messy. If you need polybutylene replacement, call Nick-Plumbing Inc. Our plumbers operate with the highest level of professionalism, and we will do everything we can do ensure that your replacement service goes smoothly and with minimal interruptions to your daily activities. Polybutylene replacement comes with a lot of other benefits as well! In addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home isn’t going to be destroyed by flooding, pipe replacement also usually results in better water pressure and can add significant value to your home. Polybutylene pipe failure has been a nightmare for millions of families throughout the country and many here in Atlanta Metro area. Don’t let problems with piping cost you thousands of dollars in property damage and repairs. If you have polybutylene piping and need replacement, call Nick-Plumbing Inc. today!